Under Economic, Consular and Legal Department, we have the following Divisions:

  1. Trade, Investment and Economic Cooperation Division
  2. Consular and Migration Division
  3. Legal and Treaties Division

Trade, Investment and Economic Cooperation Division

          Trade, Investment and Economic Cooperation Division (TI&ECD) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was previously known as Multilateral Economic Cooperation Division (MECD). The Division, in collaboration with relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies, deal with International Organisations on issues of both domestic vis a vis organised private sector bilateral trade, investment and overall economic cooperation.

It is instructive to state that while the MDA’s are primarily responsible for the technical and expertise engagement of trade and investment agreements, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as represented by the Trade, Investment and Economic Cooperation Division, deploys its expertise in economic diplomacy and also provides the platform for interface, especially at international fora to negotiate favourable trade and investment deals. In sum, the activities of the Division can be gleaned as follows:

(i)       International Financial Institutions: World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Multilateral International Guaranty Agency, International Bank for Re-construction and Development, International Centre for Settlement of Investment of Disputes, Institute for Development Economic and Planning as well as collaboration with home relevant Ministries.

(ii)     International Trade Cooperations: Organisation for Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), International Labour organisation (ILO), Islamic Development Bank, African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of Countries (ACP), Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Group of 77 Countries for Cooperation, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OEDA), Eight Developing Countries of Economic Cooperation (D-8 Matters), South- South Cooperation, World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) as well as collaboration with home relevant Ministries.

Trade Investment Unit

Economic Cooperation Unit

Consular and Migration Division

Legal and Treaties Division

Legal and Treaties Divisions is saddled with the responsibility of drafting international Agreements, conducting and coordinating of                   legal proceedings, provides depository services as well as to Authenticate/Legalise documents.

The Primary function of the Division is essentially to advise the Ministry and Nigerian Missions abroad on Legal matters.  It is responsible for coordinating and promoting the legal frame wok for Nigeria’s external relations as they relate to the bilateral and multilateral Agreements with States and International Organisations. It is also a custodian of these instruments in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Justice. Other basic functions include the following:

  1. Drafting and negotiation of Agreements;
  2. Provision of legal advice on Nigerian Treaty Practice/Procedures;
  3. Provision of legal Advice to Nigerian Missions abroad on legal matters;
  4. Provision of legal opinion to other Departments when requested;
  5. Provision of legal matters concerning international and Regional Organisations;
  6. Ensures adherence to the 1961 and 1963 Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations, and as well as the Charter of United Nation;
  7. Vetting of International Treaties, Conventions and Memorandum of Understanding;
  8. Participating in Joint Commission and boundary matters; and
  9. Authentication/Legalisation of documents.

Another very important function of the Division is the maintenance of  due process in carrying out the Authentication/Legalisation of documents.