The Developing 8 Organisation for Economic Cooperation comprises Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malays,la, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey, Besides being countries WIth sizeable Muslim population; one of the common denominators for membership is the sharesize of their respective population; the combined force of which resonates the economic potentials of the organisation. PresidentGoodluck Jonathan was elected Chairman of the group in July 2010 in Abuja.

The 30th Session of the D8 Commission and the 14th Sessicm of its Council of Ministers which took place in Abuja from 12-14 July 2011, underscored the vitality of an effective synergy between the public and private sectors as a necessity in driving development. While the 30th Session of the Commission was chaired by Dr. Martins Uhomoibhi, former Permanent Secretary /D8 Commissioner for Nigeria, the 14th Session of the Council of Ministers was presided over by Prof. Viola Onwuliri. Further discussion on D8 will follow  in the next Section focusing on Economic Diplomacy as an effective instrument for achieving Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Objective.