The end of the cold war in the late 80’s had called into question the continued relevance of the non-Aligned Movement in the face of Unipolarity as well as the emergence of multiple centres of power which had characterized international relations in the last 20 years.The need therefore has arisen for the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) to be refocused on the promotion of economic cooperation in the spirit of South-South collaboration between members of the organization. It is for this reason that Nigeria aligned with. the determination to strengthen the movement, believing in the huge potentials of the organisation in this regard.
Consequently, the HMOS I led a Nigerian delegation to participate at the 50th Commemorative meeting of the NAM in Belgrade, Serbia from 5-6 September 2011. At the meeting, Nigeria reviewed the achievements of the Movement in the last 50 years andreiterated its commitment to the ideals of the organisation and response to new global challenges such as combating terrorism,promoting peace, security and economic development.